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HEB presents the first digitization of Columbia University Press’s renowned Records of Civilization. From its inception in 1915 the Records of Civilization has offered an essential series of primary sources in English translation with introductions and apparatus by leading scholars. While many of the series’ nearly 100 titles are now out of print, most have never been superseded. Three generations of students first read the most important texts of the Western, Ancient, Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese and Japanese traditions either in the original CUP editions or in their reprints from W.W. Norton or Harper Torchbooks. The series includes works in history, literature, philosophy, political and religious thought, and related fields in the humanities. The series and its individual titles are accessible both through standard searches across HEB or through discrete browse lists and search routines.

The titles in this series are designated by their series logo.  

Author Title Date
Adam of Bremen and Tschan, Francis J. History of the Archbishops of Hamburg-Bremen 1959
Ambroise The Crusade of Richard Lion-Heart 1941
Bell, Clair Hayden Peasant Life in Old German Epics 1968
Bewer, Julius A. The Literature of the Old Testament 1933
Bodin, Jean Method for the Easy Comprehension of History 1945
Boniface, Saint, Archbishop of Mainz The Letters of Saint Boniface 1976
Botsford, G. W. Hellenic Civilization 1915
Bracciolini, Poggio Two Renaissance Book Hunters: The Letters of Poggius Bracciolini to Nicolaus de Niccolis 1974
Brant, Sebastian The Ship of Fools 1944
Cassiodorus Senator An Introduction to Divine and Human Readings 1969
Castellion, Sebastien Concerning Heretics 1935
Cato, Marcus Porcius Cato, the Censor, On Farming 1933
Chikamatsu, Monzaemon Major Plays of Chikamatsu 1961
Chretien, de Troyes Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart 1984
Cinnamus, Joannes Deeds of John and Manuel Comnenus 1976
Copernicus, Nicolaus Three Copernican Treatises: The Commentariolus of Copernicus, the Letter against Werner, the Narratio Prima of Rheticus 1939
David, Charles Wendell De expugnatione Lyxbonensi. The conquest of Lisbon 1936
de Deuil, Abbot of Saint Denis Odo De profectione Ludovici VII in orientem 1948
Dubois, Pierre The Recovery of the Holy Land 1956
Erasmus, Desidirius The Education of a Christian Prince 1968
Ferguson, Mary Anne Bibliography of English Translations from Medieval Sources, 1943- 1967 1974
Ferrante, Joan M. Guillaume d'Orange: Four Twelfth-Century Epics 1991
Galbert of Bruges The Murder of Charles the Good, Count of Flanders 1967
Gregory VII, Pope The Correspondence of Pope Gregory VII, Selected Letters from the Registrum 1990
Gregory, Saint, Bishop of Tours History of the Franks 1974
Hakuin The Zen Master Hakuin: Selected Writings 1971
Haller, William Tracts on Liberty in the Puritan Revolution, 1638-1647, Vol. 1 1934
Haller, William Tracts on Liberty in the Puritan Revolution, 1638-1647, Vol. II 1934
Haller, William Tracts on Liberty in the Puritan Revolution, 1638-1647, Vol. III 1934
Helmold The Chronicle of the Slavs 1935
Hugh, of Saint-Victor Didascalicon: A Medieval Guide to the Arts 1991
Hurvitz, Leon Scripture of the Lotus Blossom of the Fine Dharma 1976
Ibn al-Nadim, Muhammad ibn Ishaq The Fihrist of al-Nadim: A Tenth-Century Survey of Muslim Culture 1970
Ibn Zabara, Joseph ben Meir The Book of Delight 1932
John, of Paris On Royal and Papal Power 1974
Keene, Donald The Manyoshu: The Nippon Gakujutsu Shinkokai Translation of One Thousand Poems 1965
Keene, Donald Twenty Plays of the No Theatre 1970
Kenney, James F. The Sources for the Early History of Ireland: An Introduction and Guide 1929
Kukai Kukai: Major Works 1972
Larson, Laurence M. The Earliest Norwegian Laws, Being the Gulathing Law and the Frostathing Law 1935
Liber pontificalis The Book of the Popes 1916
Liu, Xie The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons 1959
Loomis, Louise Ropes and Mundy, John Hine The Council of Constance: The Unification of the Church 1961
Lopez, Robert Sabatino and Raymond, Irving W. Medieval Trade in the Mediterranean World 1964
Lunt, William E. Papal Revenues in the Middle Ages. Vol. 1 1934
Lunt, William E. Papal Revenues in the Middle Ages. Vol. 2 1934
Lurier, Harold E. Crusaders as Conquerors: The Chronicle of Morea 1964
Luxorius Luxorius, a Latin Poet Among the Vandals 1961
Macrobius, Ambrosius Aurelius Theodosius The Saturnalia 1969
Macrobius, Ambrosius Aurelius Theodosius Commentary on the Dream of Scipio 1990
Marsilius The Defender of Peace 1956
Martianus Capella Martianus Capella and the Seven Liberal Arts 1971
Mas ud ibn Umar, Sad al-Din, al-Taftazani A Commentary on the Creed of Islam 1950
McCullough, Helen Craig The Taiheiki: A Chronicle of Medieval Japan 1959
McGinn, Bernard Visions of the End: Apocalyptic Traditions in the Middle Ages 1979
McNeill, John Thomas Medieval Handbooks of Penance 1990
Mo Tzu, Hsun Tzu, and Han Fei Tzu Basic Writings of Mo Tzu, Hsun Tzu, and Han Fei Tzu 1964
Mommsen, Theodor Ernst Imperial Lives and Letters of the Eleventh Century 1962
Montgomery, James A. The History of Yaballaha III, Nestorian Patriarch, and of his Vicar, Bar Sauma, Mongol Ambassador to the Frankish Courts at the End of the Thirteenth Century 1927
Orosius, Paulus The Seven Books of History Against the Pagans 1936
Otto I, Bishop of Freising The Two Cities: A Chronicle of Universal History to the Year 1146 A.D. 1966
Otto I, Bishop of Freising The Deeds of Frederick Barbarossa 1966
Pascal, Blaise The Physical Treatises of Pascal: The Equilibrium of Liquids and the Weight of the Mass of the Air 1937
Petr z Mladenovic John Hus at the Council of Constance 1965-1966
Phillippe, of Novara The Wars of Frederick II against the Ibelins in Syria and Cyprus 1936
Pseudo-Callisthenes The Romance of Alexander the Great 1969
Rigaldus, Odo, Abp. of Rouen The Register of Eudes of Rouen 1964
Robert of Clari The Conquest of Constantinople 1969
Rositzke, Harry A. The Peterborough Chronicle 1951
Salvian, of Marseilles On the Government of God 1930
Scott, Ernest Findlay The Literature of the New Testament 1932
Shinoda, Minoru The Founding of the Kamakura Shogunate, 1180-1185 1960
Shotwell, James Thomson The See of Peter 1927
Sima, Qian Records of the Grand Historian of China. Vol. 1 1971
Sima, Qian Records of the Grand Historian of China. Vol. 2 1961-1993
Sylvester II, Pope The Letters of Gerbert, with his Papal Privileges as Sylvester II 1961
Thorndike, Lynn University Records and Life in the Middle Ages 1944
Tsunoda, Ryusaku Sources of the Japanese Tradition 1958
Tyler, Royall The Miracles of the Kasuga Deity 1990
von Zatzikhoven, Ulrich Lanzelet: A Romance of Lancelot 2005
Usamah ibn Munqidh An Arab-Syrian Gentleman and Warrior in the Period of the Crusades; Memoirs of Usamah ibn-Munqidh (Kitab al-I'ti-bar) 2000
Venette, Jean Fillon, called de The Chronicle of Jean de Venette 1953
Vernadsky, George Medieval Russian Laws 1965
Wakefield, Walter L. Heresies of the High Middle Ages: Selected Sources 1991
Wang, Yangming Instructions for Practical Living, and Other Neo-Confucian Writing 1963
William, of Tyre, Archbishop of Tyre A History of Deeds Done beyond the Sea 1943
Yunck, John A. Eneas: A Twelfth-Century French Romance 1974
Zhu, Xi Reflections on Things at Hand: The Neo-Confucian Anthology 1967
Zhuangzi. The Complete Works of Chuang Tzu 1968
Zucker, A. E. The Redentin Easter Play 1941

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