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Now numbering almost six dozen titles, American Philosophy covers a broad range of fields and approaches, from British empiricism to the American Pragmatism of John Dewey and Frederick L. Will, to Alfred North Whitehead's and John E. Smith's examinations of reason, epistemology and religious experience. Such noted scholars as Elizabeth Kraus, John J. McDermott, Donald J. Morse, Robert J. Roth SJ, Steven David Ross, and Beth Singer offer volumes on philosophy of process, metaphysics and consciousness. Edited by Douglas R. Anderson, Pennsylvania State University; and Jude Jones, Fordham University.

Edited by John D. Caputo of Villanova University, the distinguished Perspectives in Continental Philosophy series includes over 150 titles in various strains of contemporary European thought, ranging from Heidegger to Derrida and Habermas, and from deconstruction and ethical hermeneutics to the problem of God and the body, to phenomenology and the philosophy of religion. Among the authors and editors are Andrea Hurst, Richard Kearney, Catherine Malabou, Jean-Luc Marion, John Martis, S.J., and Edith Wyschogrod.

The titles in these series are designated by their series logo.  

Fordham American Philosophy
Fordham Perspectives in Continental Philosophy

Fordham American Philosophy

Author Title Date
Albrecht, James M. Reconstructing Individualism: A Pragmatic Tradition from Emerson to Ellison 2012
Alexander, Thomas M. The Human Eros: Eco-ontology and the Aesthetics of Existence 2013
Anderson, Douglas Conversations on Peirce: Reals and Ideals 2012
Anderson, Douglas Philosophy Americana: Making Philosophy at Home in American Culture 2006
Boisvert, Raymond Dewey's Metaphysics 1998
Browning, Douglas Philosophers of Process: Expanded Revised Edition 1998
Chandler, Nahum Dimitri X-The Problem of the Negro as a Problem for Thought 2013
Corrington, Robert Nature and Spirit: An Essay in Ecstatic Naturalism 1992
de Waal, Cornelis, and Krysztof Piotr Skowronski The Normative Thought of Charles S. Peirce 2012
Epperson, Michael Quantum Mechanics and the Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead 2004
Foust, Matthew A. Loyalty to Loyalty: Josiah Royce and the Genuine Moral Life 2012
Grossman, Morris, and Martin A. Coleman (ed.) Art and Morality: Essays in the Spirit of George Santayana 2014
Hart, Richard Experience as Philosophy: On the Work of John J. McDermott 2006
Hart, Richard Philosophy in Experience: American Philosophy in Transition 1997
Hickman, Larry John Dewey Between Pragmatism and Constructivism 2009
Hickman, Larry Pragmatism as Post-Postmodernism: Lessons from John Dewey 2007
Kaag, John Thinking Through the Imagination: Aesthetics in Human Cognition 2014
Lachs, John, and Patrick Shade (ed.) Freedom and Limits 2014
McDermott, John The Drama of Possibility: Experience as Philosophy of Culture 2007
McKenna, Erin Pets, People, and Pragmatism 2013
Morse, Donald Faith in Life: John Dewey's Early Philosophy 2011
O'Connell, Robert William James on the Courage to Believe, Second Edition 1997
Pappas, Gregory Pragmatism in the Americas 2011
Parker (ed.), Kelly A., and Jason Bell (ed.) The Relevance of Royce 2014
Pihlström, Sami Pragmatic Pluralism and the Problem of God 2013
Potter, Vincent Charles S. Peirce On Norms and Ideals, Second Edition 1998
Potter, Vincent Doctrine and Experience: Essays in American Philosophy 1996
Potter, Vincent Peirce's Philosophical Perspectives 1996
Roth, Robert British Empiricism and American Pragmatism: New Directions and Neglected Arguments 1993
Saito, Naoko The Gleam of Light: Moral Perfectionism and Education in Dewey and Emerson 2005
Saito, Naoko, and Paul Standish Stanley Cavell and the Education of Grownups 2012
Sartwell, Crispin The Practical Anarchist: Writings of Josiah Warren 2011
Scott, Stanley Frontiers of Consciousness: Interdisciplinary Studies in American Philosophy and Poetry 1991
Shook, John John Dewey's Philosophy of Spirit, with the 1879 Lecture on Hegel 2010
Singer, Beth Pragmatism, Rights, and Democracy 1999
Sorrell, Kory Representative Practices: Peirce, Pragmatism, and Feminist Epistemology 2004
Tunstall, Dwayne A. Doing Philosophy Personally: Thinking about Metaphysics, Theism, and Antiblack Racism 2013
Tunstall, Dwayne Yes, But Not Quite: Encountering Josiah Royce's Ethico-Religious Insight 2009
Ward, Roger Conversion in American Philosophy: Exploring the Practice of Transformation 2004

Fordham Perspectives in Continental Philosophy

Author Title Date
Ambrosio, Francis The Question of Christian Philosophy Today 1999
Adams, Suzi Castoriadis's Ontology: Being and Creation 2011
Alexandrova, Alena, and Ignaas Devisch Re-treating Religion: Deconstructing Christianity with Jean-Luc Nancy 2012
Barash, Jeffrey Martin Heidegger and the Problem of Historical Meaning, Second Revised Edition 2003
Barber, Michael Ethical Hermeneutics: Rationality in Enrique Dussel's Philosophy of Liberation 1998
Baring (ed.), Edward, Peter E. Gordon (ed.) The Trace of God: Derrida and Religion 2015
Benson, Bruce The Phenomenology of Prayer 2005
Benson, Bruce Words of Life: New Theological Turns in French Phenomenology 2010
Bigger, Charles Between Chora and the Good: Metaphor's Metaphysical Neighborhood 2004
Biles (ed.), Jeremy, and Kent L. Brintnall (ed.) Negative Ecstasies: Georges Bataille and the Study of Religion 2015
Bloechl, Jeffrey The Face of the Other and the Trace of God: Essays on the Philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas 2000
Boynton, Eric Saintly Influence: Edith Wyschogrod and the Possibilities of Philosophy of Religion 2009
Bruns, Gerald On the Anarchy of Poetry and Philosophy: A Guide for the Unruly 2006
Buckner, S. Styles of Piety: Practicing Philosophy after the Death of God 2005
Bulhof, Ilse Flight of the Gods: Philosophical Perspectives on Negative Theology 2000
Busch, Thomas Circulating Being: From Embodiment to Incorporation, Essays in Late Existentialism 1999
Campbell, Scott M. The Early Heidegger's Philosophy of Life 2012
Caputo, John Deconstruction in a Nutshell: A Conversation with Jacques Derrida 1997
Chouraqui, Frank Ambiguity and the Absolute: Nietzsche and Merleau-Ponty on the Question of Truth 2014
Chrétien, Jean-Louis, and John Marson Dunaway (trans.) Under the Gaze of the Bible 2015
Claviez (ed.), Thomas The Conditions of Hospitality: Ethics, Politics, and Aesthetics on the Threshold of the Possible 2013
Crockett, Clayton Interstices of the Sublime: Theology and Psychoanalytic Theory 2007
Cupitt, Don Is Nothing Sacred? The Non-Realist Philosophy of Religion: Selected Essays 2002
Dastur, Francoise, and Robert Vallier Nature and Spirit: An Essay in Ecstatic Naturalism 2012
deRoo, Neal Futurity in Phenomenology: Promise and Method in Husserl, Levinas, and Derrida 2013
Desmond, William Is There a Sabbath for Thought?: Between Religion and Philosophy 2005
Dooley, Mark The Politics of Exodus: Søren Kierkegaard¹s Ethics of Responsibility 2001
Dudiak, Jeffrey The Intrigue of Ethics: A Reading of the Idea of Discourse in Thought of Emmanuel Levinas 2001
Faber (ed.), Roland, and Jeremy Fackenthal (ed.) Theopoetic Folds: Philosophizing Multifariousness 2013
Falque, Emmanuel, and George Hughes The Metamorphosis of Finitude: An Essay on Birth and Resurrection 2012
Glazebrook, Trish Heidegger's Philosophy of Science 2000
Goodchild, Philip Rethinking Philosophy of Religion: Approaches from Continental Philosophy 2002
Gosetti-Ferencei, Jennifer Heidegger, Hölderlin, and the Subject of Poetic Language: Toward a New Poetics of Dasein 2004
Gschwandtner, Christina M. Postmodern Apologetics: Arguments for God in Contemporary Philosophy 2012
Hart, Kevin The Exorbitant: Emmanuel Levinas Between Jews and Christians 2009
Hart, Kevin The Experience of God: A Postmodern Response 2005
Hart, Kevin The Trespass of the Sign: Deconstruction, Theology and Philosophy 2000
Horner, Robyn Rethinking God As Gift: Marion, Derrida, and the Limits of Phenomenology 2001
Hurst, Andrea Derrida Vis-à-vis Lacan: Interweaving Deconstruction and Psychoanalysis 2008
Ihde, Don Heidegger's Technologies: Postphenomenological Perspectives 2010
Jaspers, Karl The Question of German Guilt 2001
Kates, Joshua Fielding Derrida: Philosophy, Literary Criticism, History and the Work of Deconstruction 2008
Kearney, Richard Debates in Continental Philosophy: Conversations with Contemporary Thinkers 2004
Kearney, Richard Phenomenologies of the Stranger: Between Hostility and Hospitality 2011
Kearney (ed.), Richard, and Brian Treanor (ed.) Carnal Hermeneutics 2015
LaChance Adams, Sarah, and Caroline R. Lundquist Coming to Life: Philosophies of Pregnancy, Childbirth and Mothering 2012
Lawlor, Leonard The Implications of Immanence: Toward a New Concept of Life 2006
Leask, Ian Givenness and God: Questions of Jean-Luc Marion 2005
Lemm, Vanessa Nietzsche's Animal Philosophy: Culture, Politics, and the Animality of the Human Being 2009
Lemm (ed.), Vanessa Nietzsche and the Becoming of Life 2015
Looney, Aaron T. Vladimir Jankélévitch: The Time of Forgiveness 2015
Mackinlay, Shane Interpreting Excess: Jean-Luc Marion, Saturated Phenomena, and Hermeneutics 2009
Mansfield, Nick The God Who Deconstructs Himself: Sovereignty and Subjectivity Between Freud, Bataille, and Derrida 2010
Marion, Jean-Luc, and Kevin Hart (ed.) The Essential Writings 2013
Martis, John Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe: Representation and the Loss of the Subject 2005
Miller, Adam S. Speculative Grace: Bruno Latour and Object-Oriented Theology 2013
Morgan, Ben On Becoming God: Late Medieval Mysticism and the Modern Western Self 2013
Mugerauer, Robert Responding to Loss: Heideggerian Reflections on Literature, Architecture, and Film 2015
Naas, Michael Derrida From Now On 2008
Naas, Michael Miracle and Machine: Jacques Derrida and the Two Sources of Religion, Science, and the Media 2012
Naas, Michael The End of the World and Other Teachable Moments: Jacques Derrida’s Final Seminar 2015
Nancy, Jean-Luc Adoration: The Deconstruction of Christianity II 2013
Nancy, Jean-Luc, and Anne O'Byrne (trans.) Corpus II: Writings on Sexuality 2013
Olthuis, James Knowing Other-wise: Philosophy at Threshold of Spirituality 1997
Pappas, Gregory Fernando Pragmatism in the Americas 2011
Pons, Jolita Stealing a Gift: Kierkegaard's Pseudonyms and the Bible 2004
Putt, B. Gazing Through a Prism Darkly: Reflections on Merold Westphal's Hermeneutical Epistemology 2009
Richardson, William Heidegger: Through Phenomenology to Thought 2003
Robert, William Trials: Of Antigone and Jesus 2010
Romano, Claude, and Stephen E. Lewis (trans.) Event and Time 2014
Romano, Claude, and Michael B. Smith (trans.) There Is: The Event and the Finitude of Appearing 2016
Saghafi, Kas Apparitions‹Of Derrida's Other 2010
Schindler, D. Hans Urs von Balthasar and the Dramatic Structure of Truth: A Philosophical Investigation 2004
Scult, Allen Being Jewish/Reading Heidegger: An Ontological Encounter 2004
Smith, David Nowell Sounding/Silence: Martin Heidegger at the Limits of Poetics 2013
Spader, Peter Scheler's Ethical Personalism: Its Logic, Development, and Promise 2002
Stallings (ed.), Gregory C., and Manuel Asensi (ed.) Material Spirit: Religion and Literature Intranscendent 2014
Strawser, Michael Both/And: Reading Kierkegaard From Irony to Edification 1996
Sullivan, Shannon Difficulties of Ethical Life 2008
Swindal, James Reflection Revisited: Jurgen Habermas's Discursive Theory of Truth 1997
Taylor, Mark Journeys to Selfhood: Hegel and Kierkegaard 2000
Treanor, Brian Aspects of Alterity: Levinas, Marcel, and the Contemporary Debate 2006
Treanor, Brian A Passion for the Possible: Thinking with Paul Ricoeur 2010
Vahanian, Noëlle The Rebellious No: Variations on a Secular Theology of Language 2014
Westphal, Merold Overcoming Onto-theology: Toward a Postmodern Christian Faith 2001
Wilshire, Bruce W. The Much-At-Once: Music, Science, Ecstasy, the Body 2016
Wirth, Jason M. Commiserating with Devastated Things: Milan Kundera and the Entitlements of Thinking 2016
Wolfreys, Julian Thinking Difference: Critics in Conversation 2004
Wortham, Simon Counter-Institutions: Jacques Derrida and the Question of the University 2006
Wyschogrod, Edith Crossover Queries: Dwelling with Negatives, Embodying Philosophy's Others 2006
Wyschogrod, Edith Emmanuel Levinas: The Problem of Ethical Metaphysics 2000
Wyschogrod, Edith The Enigma of Gift and Sacrifice 2002

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