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Special Series


For almost seven decades The English Institute has been a major resource for developments in criticism, theory and scholarship, while honoring traditional fields of interest and modes of literary analysis. In its annual conferences the Institute has focused on the major topics and the building blocks of the profession and craft of literature: periodization, genre, authorship, reading, the critic’s voice, and other issues of key concern to students, teachers, scholars and theorists of literature. Since its inception nearly seventy years ago, and working with a variety of publishers, the Institute has assembled its invited conference papers into thematic volumes that have had a profound impact on the interpretation and teaching of English Literature.

The titles in this series are designated by their series logo.  

Editor Title Date
Arac, Jonathan and Johnson, Barbara Consequences of Theory 1991
Bethurum, Dorothy Critical Approaches to Medieval Literature 1960
Brower, Reuben A. Forms of Lyric 1970
Chatman, Seymour Approaches to Poetics 1973
Damon, Phillip Literary Criticism and Historical Understanding 1967
Downer, Alan S. English Institute Essays: 1949 1950
Ellman, Richard Edwardians and Late Victorians 1960
Fiedler, Leslie A. and Baker, Jr., Houston A. English Literature: Opening Up the Canon 1981
Fletcher, Angus The Literature of Fact 1976
Frye, Northrop Romanticism Reconsidered: Selected Papers From the English Institute 1963
Frye, Northrop Sound and Poetry: English Institute Essays 1956 1967
Gassner, John Ideas in the Drama 1964
Greenblatt (ed.), Stephen J. Allegory and Representation 1981
Harth, Phillip New Approaches to Eighteenth-Century Literature 1974
Hartman, Geoffrey H. New Perspectives on Coleridge and Wordsworth 1972
Hartman, Geoffrey H. Psychoanalysis and the Question of the Text 1978
Heilbrun, Carolyn G. and Higonnet, Margaret R. The Representation of Women in Fiction 1982
Jackson, Virginia On Periodization: Selected Essays from the English Institute 2010
Kernan (ed.), Alvin Two Renaissance Mythmakers: Christopher Marlowe and Ben Jonson 1977
Krieger (ed.), Murray Northrop Frye in Modern Criticism 1966
Levin, David Emerson: Prophecy, Metamorphosis, and Influence 1975
Lewis, Richard W. B. The Presence of Walt Whitman 1962
McGill, Meredith Taking Liberties with the Author: Selected Essays from the English Institute 2013
Miller, J. Hillis Aspects of Narrative 1971
Nelson, William Form and Convention in the Poetry of Edmund Spenser 1961
Patterson, Annabel Roman Images 1984
Pearce, Roy Harvey Experience in the Novel 1968
Rabkin, Norman Reinterpretations of Elizabethan Drama 1969
Robertson, Jr. (ed.), D. A. English Institute Essays: 1948 1949
Said, Edward W. Literature and Society 1980
Summers, Joseph H. The Lyric and Dramatic Milton 1965
Warhol, Robyn The Work of Genre: Selected Essays from the English Institute 2011
White, Hayden and Brose, Margaret Representing Kenneth Burke 1982
Wimsatt, William Kurtz Explication as Criticism 1963
Yeazell (ed.), Ruth Bernard Sex, Politics, and Science in the Nineteenth-Century Novel 1986

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