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Special Series


The ACLS Centennial Series is a selection of books authored by prominent contributors to ACLS to commemorate its founding in 1919. These books exemplify the scholarly achievements that ACLS and its originators have fostered over the last century. (Read about ACLS’s founding and history here.)

The titles in this series are designated by their series logo.  

Author Title Date
Erskine, John The Moral Obligation to Be Intelligent, and Other Essays 1915
Erskine, John The Elizabethan Lyric: A Study 1916
Erskine, John Democracy and Ideals: A Definition 1920
Graves, Mortimer Promotion of Chinese Studies 1929
Haskins, Charles Homer The Rise of Universities 1923
Herskovits, Melville J. The Interdisciplinary Aspects of Negro Studies 1941
Jameson, J. Franklin The American Revolution Considered as a Social Movement 1926
Jones, Howard Mumford Ideas in America 1945
Jones, Howard Mumford The Pursuit of Happiness 1953
Jones, Howard Mumford Revolution & Romanticism 1974
Katz, Stanley Nider Newcastle's New York: Anglo-American Politics, 1732-1753 1968
Yu (ed.), Pauline, Peter Bol (ed.), Stephen Owen (ed.), and Willard Peterson (ed.) Ways with Words: Writing about Reading Texts from Early China 2000

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