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The Collection


HEB Titles Online as of December 2014

To download the spreadsheet, click here.

This spreadsheet, 4,315 titles in all, represents the total number of books on the HEB site as of December 2014. This list is formatted as a downloadable Excel spreadsheet and includes author, title, publication information, ISBN, LC catalog number, subject area, direct URL, and date live on HEB.

Fields currently covered include Area and Historical Studies in the following: African, American, Asian, Australasian/Oceanian, Byzantine, Canadian, Caribbean, Central European, Comparative/World, Eastern European/Russian, Economic, Environmental, European, Jewish Studies, Latin American, Law, LGBT/Queer Studies, Medicine, Methods/Theory, Middle East, Native Peoples of the Americas, Science/Technology, Women’s Studies. HEB also encompasses the fields of Archaeology, Art and Architectural History, Biblical Studies, Bibliographic Studies, Film and Media Studies, Folklore, Linguistics, Literature, Literary Criticism, Musicology, Performance Studies (theater, music, dance), Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, and Sociology.

Forthcoming Titles

Click to download a spreadsheet of 371 titles to be released in late summer 2015:
download forthcoming titles.

Title Recommendations

If you would like to recommend a book of high quality and lasting merit in the humanities, please 
e-mail us with the title, author, publisher, and publication date, as well as your name, position, and affiliation. All recommendations will be added to our list for the next round of review.

rev. 07/13/2015